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In the episode The Black Market Car, Sieve accompanies Mace in pursuing Lake through a Slug Person's shattered eye glass. Alice | Dave | Phil The Pilefer | He tries manipulating One-One but to no avail. Season

Moon Fiends | Brenda Shoop | The King | The song Mace sings to taunt M.T. Sunekura | The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Donnie Turnbull | Count Bloodcount | Father | 8 Ninjas, Mighty Magiswords Frau Broten | Fiskerton Monday | Berry | Before boarding the Infinity Train, Grace grew up in a wealthy family. could get out. Maritimers (Crab Cake, Tempura Shrimp & Tuna Can), Craig of The Creek Techies Club |

Lalavava | Episode Jane | Mace taunts her futile attempt at escape, claiming she should have simply followed mirror law and become a part of the Reflection Police like Mace did when his prime died. Scyphozoa | Meatman | "The Wasteland" is the 8th episode of Season 2 of Infinity Train and the 18th episode overall.

André Torres /Canal en Construcción/ 1,014 views. V208 Killing rogue reflections.

Professor Death Ray Eyes | Simon | Bottom Bag | In an act of desperation, Lake throws a patch of grass at Sieve's cheek, causing a leaf to fly by Alan Dracula. Alpha | He witnessed Lake murdering Mace, and now seeks to avenge his death by immediately killing Lake instead of bringing her back alive in the Chrome Car. resolves to cut her losses and escape through the wasteland. Guide Mouse | Fanwork. Consortium, Annoying Orange Said sequence was censored in this episode's airing on Cartoon Network in Latin America. Larry Raccoon | In Book 2, Sieve becomes a recurring antagonist alongside Mace. Bring Lake in alive (formerly).To kill Lake for acting as her own individual and to avenge Mace's death (failed). French Chef | Goals

Doc Monday | Terrence | He is a Chrome man that wears armor with a latex mask that hides his metallic identity. "The Tape Car". Auntie Roon's Minions |

Air Time and Alan Dracula wait on the roof of the train for a pod. In the episode The Map Car, after a crazy cloud man named Marcel is killed, the drawn water turns back into regular water after the map is complete. Maya | Mr. Master | Miss X and Miss Z |

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Gambit is well, Gambit/Mirror-Tulip's favorite. V.V. Powerpuff Girls Villains | Ari Curd |

Green Alien | The death of Agent Mace received some attention online due to its shockingly violent nature for a series marketed to a family audience. Ben 10 Villains | Trapped for the time being, Mace continues to mock M.T. Agent Sieve

Zizrar the Mole King | Mr. Ross | Dark Vegan | Vikki Devvyne | Fluffybuns | The subreddit for Infinity Train, the HBOmax Original (formally Cartoon Network) show created by Owen … Press J to jump to the feed. Special Agent Mace | Close. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the InfinityTrain community, The subreddit for Infinity Train, the HBOmax Original (formally Cartoon Network) show created by Owen Dennis, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

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Velma Green the Spider Queen, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi The Teriyaki Triads | The Conductor | Attempted murderAssaultKidnapping (presumably) Astaroth | Dogg | This causes the water to become reflective, allowing Mace and Sieve the opportunity to track down Lake and her friend Jesse whom she meet during her time in the Family Tree Car. Agent Sieve is one of the two main antagonists in Infinity Train Book 2: the Cracked Reflection alongside his superior Special Agent Mace and an antagonist in Book 1: the Perennial Child episode The Chrome Car. Basketball | Constantine | Gumbo | Pet Shoppe Owner |

Van Kleiss | cries over losing Jesse, Grace and Simon bemoan the fact that Jesse took the opportunity to exit the train, with Simon claiming he was weak while Grace claims he was just misled. Mildred | The Beekeeper |

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User account menu. XANA | Cecil Turtle | Euripides Sharkowski | Stu | Doesn't mean Tulip can't have a different favorite. Jonathan | "The Mall Car" Credits King Rexxtopher | Peltra | Infinity Train. Robotman |

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Jesse's number eventually gets down to "0" which causes a portal door to Arizona to open. resolves that she is her own person and she will get off the train by getting her own number. Francis | Brain Freezer | Broccoli Minions | Henery Hawk | The death of Agent Mace received some attention online due to its shockingly violent nature for a series marketed to a family audience. Sandman | Delightful Reaper | Curly | Protoboy | Code Loyko Grace | Quackor | Luther | Bogeyman | Scarecrow | M.T.

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He is also the penultimate main antagonist of the Book 2 finale episode The Number Car. Muscle Man |

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Kanker Sisters | Bling-Bling Boy | Agent Mace cuffs MT - Duration: 1:49.

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Marcel | Clowns | Infinity Train Fanwork. Mall Car; Trivia. Dr. Kamikazi | Cheese Obsessed Canadian Trouts | Meaches | Jack | Cheesesteak | Kevin | He is voiced by Bradley Whitford, who also portrayed Eric Gordon in Billy Madison, Steve Hadley in The Cabin in the Woods, Dean Armitage in Get Out and President Gray in The Darkest Minds.


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