adobe audition audio hardware setup

The active port (indicated by an "X" next to the device name) should be first in the list of the available ports. If you are using an ASIO-compliant audio device, then you should download and install an ASIO driver that is specifically designed for that device. Full Duplex: Allows recording (input) and playback (output) to occur simultaneously. If you are not able to obtain an ASIO driver, or if you are not using ASIO-compliant audio devices, then use the Audition 3.0 Windows Sound driver. This document describes how to select a driver and how to configure each kind of driver. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AdobeAudition community.

I'm not familiar with your interface, although I understand your frustration. Note the following Buffer Size guidelines: The Offset [Samples] value affects latency of the input or output signal between multiple sound cards. The window that appears after you click Control Panel displays the proprietary settings of the ASIO driver that you selected. My next advice can be sort of an oddball but maybe worth a try. See the documentation for your sound card for more information on how to change these settings. The sound card in the topmost position is used as the Sync Reference. Audition 3.0 Windows Sound provides no additional device functionality beyond what the DirectSound driver offers. However, increasing the buffer size increases the audio data latency which may cause delay between the moment Audition begins sending audio data and the moment it actually reaches the physical output. Audition 3.0 Windows Sound is an emulated driver which uses the system DirectSound driver.

The Audio Channels and Bits per Sample columns provide information about your sound card. If the sound card doesn't seem to work correctly with Full Duplex activated (for example, you cannot play back and record at the same time), try activating this option before deactivating Full Duplex. Download Adobe Audition for Windows.

Note: Use Sync Reference to synchronize two or more digital audio devices for sample-accurate recording. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Sync Reference setting specifies which sound card clock is used as a reference when you activate multiple sound cards. For details about these settings, see your sound card's documentation, contact the cardâs manufacturer, or contact the publisher of the driver. If you're sure your drivers are up to date, and tried to uninstall any software installed within the time period before things started to stop working (maybe you installed a VST or something) - try and roll back your USB drivers or try a beta driver - this worked for my Focusrite 6i6 on a Windows 10 platform before. The only device class that works now is WASAPI (which wasn't the case previously)And even then it plays back fine but as soon as I arm for recording and hit play or record the audio is all super choppy. When you set inputs and outputs for recording and playback in Adobe Audition 3, you have a choice of sound card drivers: an ASIO (Audio Stream In/Out) driver, or the Audition 3.0 Windows Sound driver. A Windows 10 update was the culprit (the update was crippling the USB connection for some reason) here is the article to troubleshoot the issue. Links and resources for users of Adobe Audition, the best audio editor and workstation on Mac and Windows.   |   If you are not able to obtain an ASIO driver, or if you are not using ASIO-compliant audio devices, then use the Audition 3.0 Windows Sound driver.


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