4eat to 5mt swap
– vehicle speed sensor (vss), here’s how to read the pin numbers for the Male and Female plugs…, key interlock switch And in that seven years I’ve embarrassingly regained almost all the weight I so elatedly lost and enthusiastically wrote about. What you need and total cost of ownership…. bolt. The TCU doesn’t need it anymore. which one is better for tuning?

Shortbus wants my jacuzzi so he found a nice 91 legacy wagon that needs a little work.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It’s important to be aware of the signs and to seek out immediate treatment from a knowledgeable exotics veterinarian. 4EAT This transmission was released in 1988 for use in the Subaru XT6 and Leone Touring Wagon.

Call to arms: 4EAT to 5MT transmission swap (WRX) New England Impreza Club Forum -- NESIC

But the pre-packaged frozen sausage, egg, and cheese hockey pucks buried in the quarantine freezer just didn't seem to fit the mood. At the worst, this would be an ECU swap, but as it stands now, the CEL is barely a problem. More frustratingly, neither app seems to allow […], Note: Community TFTP documentation is on the Ubuntu Wiki but this short guide adds extra steps to help secure and safeguard your TFTP server.

Weight: The 4EAT uses ATF, and a LOT of it.

In an SG5, it was found that the 6speed from the Euro STi was a better match then the 5 speed from the wrx.

These come out on the B54/B55/B56 connectors that now no longer go into the bottom of the TCU under the steering column.

i used one to run power up to the cabin. hi admin..just a question..I driving subaru hatchback gh3 1.5R , should I use drop in filter or open pod filter? Chrome was basically unusable.

Hey there, I was refering to the climate, like the rust on the accelerator pump screw and such. And how do we combine the two into a single snack for uncomplicated gluttonous consumption?

The rearmost seal on the transmission was oozing fluid every time the shifter lever was moved. The pedal set and propshaft from above didn’t end up working, so I ordered a WRX pedal set, clutch master cylinder, clutch hard line, soft line, bracket, and slave cylinder for $180 from Suzuki Subaru Kia Parts in Rancho Cordova, CA. if you’re able to get the complete bulkhead dash harness, do it (along with the 5MT ECU). i couldn’t use either my AP or a code reader tool unless i removed the TCM. I am a whiz when it comes to throwing the wrench and fabbing stuff but if I did all the stuff you did, I Don't think my car would be running as well as it does.

There's shiat loads of pics on there. So we finally started organizing outdoor pickups! pin 3 // power, 4EAT sensor wiring pins (reused harness from inhibitor switch):

(REMINDER: you’re not to plug the TCM! Notes about the 4EAT to 5MT conversion.

Whatsapp me 83689060 to deal. well, you’ve come to the right place. Converting the Legacy Turbo cable speedometer to use an electronic sender was relatively easy. This would give me less driveline loss and better overall acceleration performance, and I was tired of being harangued for not knowing how to drive one. joe z and Sully at Manchester Subaru — more parts and such…, The car is so fast now… between the drivetrain and the up-pipe, it just pulls and pulls….


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