45 colt rifle loads with unique

Works equally good in all. Copyright 2002, 2016 by Chuck Hawks. 94 trapper out to 100 yards or so. The Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum is the top of the line and a little bit nicer gun than a standard Blackhawk, anyway.

There is no question that a .44 Magnum can handle high pressure loads, as that is what it was designed for.

bulet are pretty much the "standard" .45 Colt load, and yours should give lower pressures with the lighter bullet.

Then I could safely reload the thing to any pressure level from the normal .45 Colt level up to true magnum pressures with complete confidence. My purpose is to present what I hope is a balanced and responsible view, not to promote or condemn the use of all such loads.

Lyman has a 255 grain .45 Colt gas-checked bullet, #454490GC, that was designed by Ray Thompson who also brought forth the .357 Magnum #358156GC and the .44 Magnum #431244GC. If I remember correctly, it was an Italian-made Peacemaker replica, which did sour me on replicas, probably unfairly.

That's my standard .45 Colt load also; a coated 250 gr. The authors of the major reloading manuals were aware that there are modern guns other than the Blackhawk and Contender that are chambered for the .45 Colt cartridge. Perhaps it can be done, but to me it seems analogous to driving a sports car at 150 miles per hour on bald tires. 13 devoted to high pressure .45 Colt loads, and reinforces this point.

These have been in continuous service for two decades and have loaded thousands upon thousands of heart warming .45 Colt loads. I was testing what were intended to be mid-range loads in a .357 Mag. Best regards, But the maximum load for the 300 grain bullet (23.0 grains) used 2.5 grains more powder than the maximum load they used behind the 260 grain bullet. Awhile back I chanced upon some old original balloon head brass and have been experimenting with the 1870's loading for the .45 Colt. The following is a direct quote from the Sierra Reloading Manual. "Although it has internal capacity comparable to that of the .44 Magnum, the thickness and strength of the .45 Colt cartridge case is much less than that of the .44 Magnum, imposing a limiting factor upon the older cartridge which cannot be avoided.". Favorite loads, all assembled with Winchester-Western brass and CCI #300 primers, are 8.0 grains of WW231 for 925 feet per second; 7.5 grains of WW452AA at 950 feet per second; 8.5 grains of Herco giving 900 feet per second; and 12.0 grains of WW540 for 925 feet per second. This load figures prominently in future hunting plans. These cases were used with standard pressure reloads only. I read an article by Mr. Linebaugh in which he claimed that Federal makes the best .45 Colt brass.


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