20k resistor color code

resistor colour code, 0.51 Resistance is measured in ohms and there is a foundation for it called Ohm's Law. calculate colour code, 4.99 M Calculateur de code de couleur de résistance. resistance color , 33 color decoding, 110 Therefore, when in doubt (and when it's possible) don't hesitate to use your trusted, old friend -- the multimeter -- to double-check the critical components. Solde important qui reflète toutes les modifications non payées à cause du mode de paiement que vous avez choisi. (it is answer on "what the resistance with the colors brown-black-red-gold?" resistance color code: yellow orange red... , 4.7, 5.1

this resistor is calculated with the 4-band rule (the yellow band is ignored). E48 (2%) series resistor color code examples. resistor color code, 2.55k, 3.01k resistor color: Orange, Black...(5 band) color: orange, brown, brown, ... , 330, 1.2k color code consists of 4 bands: brown red... , 1.3k, 2.2k resistor color code (4 band): RED RED... , 2.4k, 3.3k resistor color code (4 band): Orange Orange... , 3.6k, 3.9k 4 band resistor color: Qrange,White... , 4.3k, 4.7k resistor color code (4 band): Yellow Violet... , 5.1k, 6.8k 4 band color code: Blue,GRAY,..., 7.5k, RESULT:   OhmkOhmMOhmGOhm ±20%±10%±5%±2%±1%±0.5%±0.25%±0.1%±0.05%±0.02% 100ppm50ppm25ppm15ppm10ppm5ppm1ppm. note: this is a non-standard 1% (E96) resistor, but some manufacturers make every value from the E24 series with 1% tolerance! The calculator above will display the value, the tolerance and performs a simple check to verify if the calculated resistance matches one of the EIA standard values. 4 band color code , 120 Les fonctions de cette page ne fonctionneront pas. дано 27.11.10 */ Hover above the tolerance for min. resistor color code (5 band): Brown Green Black... resistor color: Orange, Black...(5 band), color code: blue brown yellow... (5 band), resistor color code: Brown Black Black Red Brown (5 band).

Some resistors have the color bands grouped together and/or close to one end. Examples: This is a necessary step especially with five and six banded metal film resistors. 100, 105, 110, 115, 121, 127, 133, 140, 147, 154, 162, 169, 178, 187, 196, 205, 215, 226, 237, 249, 261, 274, 287, 301, 316, 332, 348, 365, 383, 402, 422, 442, 464, 487, 511, 536, 562, 590, 619, 649, 681, 715, 750, 787, 825, 866, 909, 953, E96 series: (1% tolerance) Also, the 3rd color for 4-band resistors will be blue (106) or less and the 4th color for 5 band resistors will be green (105) or less, as basic resistor values range from 0.1 Ohm to 10 Mohms. resistor color code decoder read HELP or see Reversible color code calculator. But there are some rules you can follow: 1.)

The short answer: you'll know that from experience! Table auto - scrolls to the value, specified by color code on the image of resistor. Contôle de sécurité à compléter ci-dessous. Resistors with 6 bands are basically 5-band resistors with an additional ring indicating the reliability or the temperature coefficient. Select the first 3 or 4 bands for 20%, 10% or 5% resistors and all 5 bands for precision (2% or less), 5-band resistors. Next comes a small gap - helping you to distinguish left and right of the component - and finally the fourth band indicating tolerance of the resistor. Êtes-vous sûr de vouloir vous déconnecter de votre compte MyMouser ?

Supports resistors with 3, 4, 5 and 6 bands. Accessibilité You should always attempt to work out the value, then check your result against a resistor value chart to see if it's listed there. You don't have to enter the 4th band, as 20% resistors don't have a tolerance ring.

drop-down menu, type value in RESULT field marking, 1k74, 2.49k resistor color: Red, Yellow...(5 band) "and the like): select a number of color bands, choose a color to each of them. Value: 2.2 kΩ / 2200 Ω : Type: 4 Band Colour Code: Colour Code: Red, Red, Red, Gold: Multiplier: Red, 100: Tolerance: Gold Band ±5%: Related Articles. google_ad_slot = "7171376387"; google_ad_height = 600; Orange, black, black, brown, brown --> 3.00 k ohms, 1% - note: this is a non-standard 1% (E96) resistor, but some manufacturers make every value from the E24 series with 1% tolerance! resistor color 1k47k resistor color: Brown, Yellow...(5 band) , 1k5 resistor color code (5 band): Brown Green Black... 1k69k resistor color: Brown, Blue...(5 band) 3.) Calculateur de code de couleur de résistance Commentaires, Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur la manière dont Mouser traite vos données personnelles, veuillez vous référer à notre, Mouser Electronics France - Distributeur de composants électroniques, Le panier contient les articles programmés. More 4 band resistor color code examples: E12 and E24 series. 10, 15, 22, 33, 47, 68, E12 series: (10% tolerance) resistance color, 4.3 Resistor color code table -> Select the first 3 or 4 bands for 20%, 10% or 5% resistors and all 5 bands for precision (2% or less), 5-band resistors. Nos cookies sont nécessaires au fonctionnement du site, à la surveillance des performances du site et à la délivrance d'un contenu pertinent.

Yellow, violet, gold, gold, yellow --> 4.7 ohms, 5% - this resistor is calculated with the 4-band rule (the yellow band is ignored). Enter the first five colors. and the like. Aug 13, 2017 - 20KΩ Resistor Color Code, E24 Range, Resistor 20K Ohm, 1% Tolerance, Metal Film

For more information about 123, 12.3, 1.23, 0.123),  choose tolerance.

10, 12, 15, 18, 22, 27, 33, 39, 47, 56, 68, 82, E24 series: (5% tolerance)


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