1910 motorcycle replica

they may be very valuable collector's items in 100 years! 702 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville, TN, 37210. Adel Signs.

custom replica of an Excelsior board track racer. hor and many more.

These bikes were raced in Motordromes. Names like Yale.

Indian and Harley-Davidson both used racing to promote their brands, and during the teens, board track racing was very popular. These bikes will go 30-35mph. one at a time on a jig.

airplanes were being designed and experimented with.

The motors are 66cc. Antique 1910 boardtrack racer replica Excelsior Indian Harley, 1910 Military Motorbike, Harley / Indian / MASH replica board track, 1910'S Indian motorcycle / motor bicycle replica, WHIZZER STYLE MOTORBIKE CUSTOM BUILT 1910 REPLICA. In the early 1900s, some race tracks were made of wood. Harley Davidson. Excelsior's factory rider was the first to reach a speed of 100 m. p. h. . To start the bike, you pedal to a reasonable speed and then engage the leather belt which turns the motor over. I'm a one man shop. Motorcycles were being put together by over 300 bicycle shops by this time. Motorcycles were being put together by over 300 bicycle shops by this time. Yamaha bobbers and even a '48' hardtail Harley 'EL' pan. 603-267-1800. custom built bicycle indian boardtrack replica harley excelsior pope hender ... Board track Racer, 1909 Excelsior replica, Indian, Harley, Super X, Excelsior board track racer antique vintage indian bicycle, Indian Boardtrack Racer Replica vintage motorcycle flat track.

If you have any questions. crate them and send them by FedEx. The new frames are chopped. I'm selling a hand built. Please call to inquire. I will be of assistance whenever needed. Please note that the cars or exhibit items shown in this database are part of our collection but may not be on display when you visit. You pedal it to start it. 00 deposit at the end of the auction and the balance before I ship the bike. that had to be pushed to start and had no brakes. oval. steep banked tracks. restoring and hotrodding several 30's & 40's vintage shop trucks and built bikes like a Norton Atlas. Efforts are made to restore each vehicle to near-original specifications. (The tracks were usually oval in shape and the lengths varied). stretched and mig welded to fit the designs of the originals. making a very authentic and rideable machine. The Excelsiors were running neck and neck with Indian. in business for over 35 years and I take a lot of pride in my work! We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. bone shakers. Henderson. I require a $500. from the fuel tank made from 4" truck exhaust pipe. two stroke motors that get about 100mpg. many gone by the depression. Five of my custom. Bike features: premium leather seat; choice of 2 stroke 66cc, 49cc 4 stroke ( add $200 ) or 97cc 4 stroke ( add $400 ) People walked by some very expensive choppers. The early motorcycle market was filled with manufacturers trying to prove their motorcycles were the most reliable and practical product available. but no problem. The first motorcycle board track opened in California on April 8, 1910. The throttle is on the right twist grip and the left twist grip is used to advance and retard the ignition timing. Everywhere you go. I've enjoyed working on. custom replica of an Excelsior board track racer.


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